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Seasonal & Holiday Recipes

A summer peach cobbler or a creamy butternut squash soup in the fall, there are seasonal recipes to keep you warm or cool you off based on the weather.


Budding trees are the harbinger of seasonal produce to come, but there are plenty of fruits and veggies ripe and ready for side dishes and salad recipes. Spring ingredients that are in season are veggies like broccoli to roast, asparagus to grill, and cabbage for soup or egg rolls, but all of those thin…

s are makings for Panzanella if you have stale bread you want to give a second life to. And if it's not quite warm enough for salad, there are plenty of warm recipes to choose from.


Summer means healthy recipes abound! Summer squash is great on the grill, or if you have a hankering for pasta, zucchini noodles are an excellent and seasonal substitute. And, of course, there are thousands of summer salad recipes you can whip up with cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, and other summer produce. Ripe produce makes summer seasonal cooking easy -- especially if you follow a gluten-free or vegetarian diet.


Fall is when trees hang heavy with fruit! So what is in season in fall is a bit different than spring and summer, but the recipes aren't all about apple pie and pumpkin spice. There are also fun holidays where you can get creative with food -- spooky cookies for Halloween, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and turkey for Thanksgiving -- fall is the season for cooking!


Winter is all about eating to keep warm! Hearty casseroles, roasted Brussels sprouts, lentil soup, chili -- there's no end to comfort food cooking for winter. Though the trees are bare, there are plenty of healthy seasonal recipes for your meal plans. Roast chicken or slow cooker beef bourguignon -- winter won't get you down when you have so many stews to stir!

Winter, spring, summer, and fall each offer their own unique fruits and vegetables for distinct seasonal flavor. Learn to choose and use each season's best recipes with Yummly.

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