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Get organized with Plan & Shop — and say goodbye to mid-week dinner dilemmas, last-minute trips to the store, and wasted food.

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Pick the recipes you'll cook in the next week — as many or few as you like. We'll supply personalized recommendations to keep you inspired.

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Add ingredients to your Shopping List with a click, then take it on the go or get groceries delivered through Yummly.*

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Get cooking, then review that recipe for even better recommendations. All done? Clear your plan and start your next culinary adventure!

Plan and Shop Tips

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+Where do my Meal Plan recommendations come from?

+How do I email or print my Meal Plan or my Shopping List?

+Can I buy ingredients through Yummly?

+Can I access my meal plan from the mobile app?

+How can I make Yummly's Meal Planner better?

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